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We provide Financial AI Service to 200+ partners in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe .etc, help them to find more qualified customers and reduce operational risks.

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About Us

Welcome To AIAPI

AIAPI is a strong and professional artificial intelligence technology team with more than 10 years experience in the fields of finance, IT technology, artificial intelligence and big data.
AIAPI received a $1 000 000 Series A investment from Qualgro Ventures in 2022 to help AIAPI develop more AI technology products.
Our latest one-year data:
SLA: 99.998%
New AI products: 7
Version update: 416

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Our Team


Nguyen Vy

Co-Founder, President

Worked at Wall Street for 10 years, focusing on the design of artificial intelligence products


Thanh Van

Co-Founder, CTO

5 years experience at Google, responsible for the design and development management of internal network systems.



Risk Management Director

6 years in a bank, responsible for risk assessment of financial products.


Our Services

AI Identity & EKYC

Detects fraud and implements secure transactions by using advanced facial recognition, artificial intelligence-based fraud detection and identity cross-verification services.

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AIAPI-ROBOT built on Artificial Intelligence(OCR) can extract information on all kinds of personal documents (ID Card, Passport, Driver's license, etc.), invoices (utility bill, retail bill, etc.), or any specific type of document. At the same time, the robot can check the information of the public official website to know if the info is correct one.

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AI Big Data Service

Cooperate with a large number of credit reporting companies, government agencies, public security departments and big data companies to analyze users' credit status, draw user network relationship maps, and identify lost and fraudulent users.

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AI Risk Control Service

We cooperate with many E-commerce/Fintech companies/Banks and help them in reducing operational risks, such as Coupon anti-fraud, Lottery anti-fraud, Refund anti-fraud, Loan anti-fraud .etc

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Singapore Office(Headquarters): 2 Shenton Way #08-01 SGX Centre 1, Singapore

Vietnam Office(Branch): Bitexco Financial Tower, 7, 2 Hải Triều, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh , Vietnam


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